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A brief excerpt from a treat I'm working on for Trick or Treat:

There’s a trick to keeping your sanity, and Jo used to know it. Pain is a very effective distractor, though. She pulls herself into her head when she can, thinks about other things. She read a book once, a long time ago, about a man who stayed sane in prison, or maybe he was abandoned on an island, by mentally disassembling and reassembling his house, piece by piece. Every doorknob and shelf and screw.

Jo doesn’t do that. The nature of dissection is that you lose something in the process, dilute the thing to the sum of its parts. Instead she just remembers, invoking the Roadhouse with a patchwork of memories. The counter, gleaming dully in the dim light. The time she had knocked a bottle of whiskey over and had spent a good five seconds staring at the gorgeous color and motion of the liquid as it poured out of the bottle, before her mother noticed and yelled at her to pick it up. The –

“No, no,” Jo moans, as the pain increases. She remembers fevers as a child, sweat dripping down her back, the seemingly endless nights of fever dreams. Her mother coming into the room one night she had a fever, saying Jo, baby, what’s wrong, and Jo saying, Mama, I hurt –

“Stop it, please,” Jo says, or tries to say, and thinks she can hear laughter.

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Oh no! Poor Jo! But I'm so intrigue as to what comes next. I love the way these two scenes fit together--the rumination on pain and pain strategies diving straight into that very immediate moment Jo finds herself in right now.

Cool excerpt! :DD


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